Friday, January 05, 2007

Old Town Melaka

I saw more of old town Melaka today with my cousin, Laly. She has been the best hostess - showing me around town (taking time off of work), translating chinese to english for me, pointing out historically interesting sites, telling me about what it was like growing up for her (and differences between Malay vs Chinese descendants). It's been extremely interesting and filling for my belly. I will have to fill in more details later. But before I forget - baba nonya house, nonya asam laksa, chendol, hong kong dim sum, museums, churches, buddhist temples, mosques, etc.

Baba Nonya House - the owner has used the money earned from visitor entrance fees to travel around the world. He is 82 years old and advised me to get out of Malaysia, where the opportunities are so poor, given the low pay and the advantages given to Malay people. He is the descendant of a famous Chinese man-Malaysian woman (baba-nonya) couple and owned a very wealthy house in the old town. Pictures normally are not allowed, but since he was the owner he encouraged us to take a picture.

Also inside the Baba Nonya house. I am standing with my wonderful cousin, Laly. Behind us you can see some of the furniture - slabs of marble were chosen for their natural swirls that looked like mountains and mounted in the back of furniture. They looked like paintings!

This man biked both Laly and I around old town. I think I alone weighed twice as much as him. It felt awkward to have him wheeling us around, especially in such an elaborate trishaw. Especially awkward when he couldn't make it up the hill and got off to push us! Aye ya. I think I would have liked to try biking it myself and giving him the ride! I could have done with some exercise.

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