Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christina's pictures

I know this blog has been seriously devoid of pictures - luckily Christina went home last week and has since uploaded highlights of Singapore and Malaysia (I joined for the second part of her trip - starting at the KL Tower pictures). More will come eventually!

Wow, I never really blogged about anything in Singapore. We were only there a short time. Enough to see some of the fireworks. But my view of the prep in the water was better than that of them in the air going off. Christina and I probably spent more time preparing for Australia than we did seeing Singapore.

We also went to the zoo and saw lots of cute animals...
White tigers - all tigers are AsianelephantsSammy's cousinCarshow's cousins

You could buy ice cream from street carts with options for wafer sheets or sandwich bread!


Mia said...

Do we need a secret password to even know where the location of these pictures are? Are we even allowed to see?

Lin said...

I've updated the template and tried to make the link colors more obvious.