Monday, November 26, 2007


I'm in Toronto now. Long story, but got a free flight and took advantage of it. I spent the day yesterday meandering around the city, seeing Kensington Market, walking up and down Spadina Ave through Chinatown, seeing Queen Street W (a lot like Robson in Vancouver), and then up Yonge. Some of the sidewalks are still covered with ice from last week's snowfall. It is bitterly cold and I wish I had a decent hat. However, it is nice to feel crisp air and see snow covered ground again. It's been a long time.

With such short notice, I've been trying to think of all the things I need to cram into this short North American trip. One thing is food - fresh vegetables, yogurt, real bread. But when it came down to it, I spotted a dumpling house in Chinatown and made a beeline for it for lunch. I guess I really am meant to be in Taiwan. I also bought some chestnuts and cooked them last night. My dad always cooked them growing up so I didn't really know what I was doing. I boiled them for 5 minutes and had a taste - definitely not done yet. I left them on for about an hour and then they seemed closer to how my dad prepares them. Delicious along with good memories of home.

Today, Geoff flew in and we spent some time with a good friend of his, Kim. Talking to her was like looking three years into my future. She spent several years in Taiwan, moving there to play (like me), teaching English, before deciding to pursue an Education degree and teach back home. She talked about the challenges of moving back after so many years abroad and her career change decision. Listening, it felt like I could be in the same boat a few years from now. Not to say that I will for sure, but it's one of those paths that is still wide open.

I've been staying at Noah's place - which is a pretty sweet pad with a view of a park across the street. One of his good friend's picked me up at the airport, along with his wife and their dog. He mentioned thinking NA was all the same - but I find it very different from Seattle. Everything is much more spaced out here - streets, sidewalks, buildings. I like the cozy feeling of Seattle - a more residential feel.

Today, another one of his close friends, Cathy, picked us up at a station to drive over to Riverdale Park to play some ultimate. I had fun picking up with the team. However, I was expecting indoor ultimate in the 0 degree weather. Instead it was outdoor! Luckily, Cathy came prepared and brought me all sorts of warm clothes AND cleats. It was all going well until the sun started to set. Then it was right in my eyes and I started to get a migraine. I'd already gotten one earlier this year at CalStates, playing with Gretchen. It wasn't as bad - I couldn't tell if it was just normal sun glare making my vision go or something more serious. I played it safe and rested in Cathy's car the rest of the game (it was 10-4 when I left, and 14-5 when she came back).

Anywho, I slept off the migraine (which didn't go full blown) and so after that 5 hour nap find myself wide awake at 2 am.

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Gretchen said...

oh no! not another migraine, Lin. You should get yourself that medication Brian had at CalStates - the one the nips it in the bud if you catch it early.
Glad to hear, though that a 5 hr nap seemed to cure you.