Saturday, August 25, 2007

Helpful Taiwan Links

First Steps into Taiwan
Getting by in Taipei
Learning Chinese
  • = Chinese-English-pinyin resource
  • = Chinese flashcard program, online and download versions
  • = tone drills are excellent
  • = flash cards (not chinese specific)
  • = skype based language learning program with flash card component
  • = podcasts for all levels - great for listening skills
  • also see tealit and other forums (above) for finding language exchange partners
  • tone combinations = audio explanations of tone combinations (thanks Matt and Peggy)
  • tones explained = comparison to English for understanding tones (thanks Matt and Peggy)
  • chinese dictionaries = french, spanish, english, chinese, etc (thanks Baba)
  • Mouse Chinese Input = write a word online to get the definition/pinyin (thanks Baba)
Keeping Busy in Taipei

Have anything to add? Let me know. Thanks to Matt, Peggy and Rebecca for suggestions so far.

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