Monday, April 23, 2007


My First E-Book
I just finished reading God's Debris by Scott Adams. He originally wrote this as a free e-book, so I downloaded the pdf a few days ago and read it in two sittings. It's a quick read, though you could spend more time pondering the ideas in it. Maddie often has questions and we provide answers as best we can...and sometimes she responds, "But why?" All I could think last time was, "Probability" but it didn't seem an appropriate answer that I would be able to explain to a 5-year old. (Get more free e-books from Project Gutenberg)

My First Attached Tic
I found this on the back of my thigh Saturday morning. I looked down and saw this black thing. At first, I thought it was one of those skin growths - and I was hugely disappointed, having one in such an awkward spot and black! I tried pulling on it to be sure, thinking maybe I just sat on something, but it was clearly stuck to me. I tried to think about if I yanked really hard if it would hurt. With a little more time I realized there wasn't a reason for me to have a black skin growth on the back of my leg - on closer inspection I realized it was a tic! What a relief. Hopefully I didn't catch anything. I feel ok now - we kept the tic in a jar just in case.

(Note: I make the distinction of an attached tic because I once found a tic in my ear when I was a kid at camp - but it hadn't bitten me yet, so was easy to remove.)

My First Sticky Rice with Corn
A friend dropped by to give us some sticky rice and corn that his wife had just made. It was still warm in the bowl and smelled absolutely delicious. I've never been a huge fan of corn mixed in with other things, like soup or those awful vegetarian kosher "oriental dumplings" at my old college dining hall. I like my corn fresh, on the cob. However, this turned out to be a really great combination - the corn was sweet and enhanced by coconut milk and the wonderful stickiness of glutinous rice.

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