Saturday, December 23, 2006

Last minute ticket purchase

I just purchased my ticket to Malaysia - with it being just a day later than I wanted. I guess everything is flying off the shelves with it being the holiday. Being in a predominately Hindu country, I sort of forget that Christmas and the ensuing holiday madness is coming. So Jet Airways and Air India and Malaysia Airlines were all out of tickets - but I got an indirect flight through Singapore Airlines. The other option was Indian Airlines, but after reading so many bad reviews I decided to fly in 5-star luxury instead. Hopefully all will go well.

My cousin in Melaka reports that the flooding in south Malaysia is much improved and it is safe to travel again. She's given me the go-ahead and I hope to meet up with her and my aunt at the end of next week.

Today I biked around Pondicherry, did some shopping and mostly struggled to find these Malaysia tickets. I had a nice thali lunch at Bombay Anandha Bhavan (on Mission St, on the same block as Nilgiri's) and a pongal breakfast at Saravana Bhavan (on Nehru, just east of MG Road). I'm much more impressed by quality at BAB and we've had quite a few lunches there already. They give refills on veggies, exact amount of rice, some chutney powder and a roti (all things that SB doesn't do).

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