Friday, December 01, 2006

Checking in from Tamil Nadu

Internet time is extremely limited and slow so here's a quick check in to say I am still alive. The stay has been fabulous so far, with great food, warm weather, and incredible hospitality. We've been to Pondicherry, Trichy, Tanjore, Trivanduram, Vazhkala (sp?), and Coimbatore. Yesterday I saw the wooden chariots for Deepam being pulled around the temple in Tiravunamalai. We are waiting for the 10th day (final day) before heading back to Kerala.

I will have to share more stories and pictures later. As of now, I am playing travel planning by ear - any plan we do make seems to not happen, but it all ends up well in being a great experience.

Hope everyone is doing well - happy thanksgiving to those in the US!



TP said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Thanks for the update!

Mia said...

I was just thinking about you this week and wondering if I'd ever get an email. Good to hear that you're having a great time and enjoying the trip so far.

Tao said...

looking forward to seeing the pics.

we all miss you lots.

sammy and baby bunny have become good friends.

KC said...
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Chewy said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Good to hear that. I guess that old saying is true... "No news is good news."

Anonymous said...

Hi Lin! good to know that you are doing fine; have fun.