Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One Big Difference

I was thinking this morning that taking care of Bodgy is akin to taking care of a baby. He has a feeding schedule, cries/barks at night (if there are fireworks), likes to play with toys... When you go out, you have to remember to bring all the gear - instead of diapers, you gotta bring the poopy bags. Instead of a bottle of breast milk, you need to bring some water and a dish. And best to bring a chew toy or ball to chase. When you go to school/work, he doesn't want to be left behind, and when you come home he's delighted to see you.

But there is one big difference. When you bring your kid to the park, I'm pretty sure your child doesn't make a bee line for the river side and roll himself in the grass coming back smelling like rotten eggs mixed with fish sauce.

Spending 7 seconds in an elevator trapped with that smell is horrendous. I'd rather change a diaper any day.


taohsu said...

oh, have I got a job for you then in May!

Mike DiGioia said...

And the next time you get back to Seattle, I've got a job for you too!